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TTW001_ Why Mastering Trading Stress Now_.mp33.8 M28.03.2009 18:02:43
TTW002_ What can I do to become a better trader_.mp34.0 M28.03.2009 18:03:00
TTW003_ Focusing on past mistakes.mp32.0 M28.03.2009 18:03:16
TTW004_ What is your trading pattern_.mp32.3 M28.03.2009 18:04:03
TTW005_ Staying On Purpose.mp32.4 M28.03.2009 18:04:00
TTW006_ Dealing with Difficult Markets.mp35.6 M28.03.2009 18:04:22
TTW007_ Breathing Exercise.mp31.3 M28.03.2009 18:04:38
TTW008_ Trading Patterns.mp34.5 M28.03.2009 18:17:53
TTW009_ Trading through Fear.mp32.5 M28.03.2009 18:18:07
TTW010_ The Critical Issue for Traders.mp35.0 M28.03.2009 18:18:23
TTW011_ Times are tough.mp36.9 M28.03.2009 18:18:37
TTW012_ Unpredicabilty.mp35.5 M28.03.2009 18:18:59
TTW014_ Coachability.mp38.5 M28.03.2009 18:19:19
TTW016_ basic principles of the master trader.mp37.1 M28.03.2009 18:19:33
TTW017_ Risk and reward.mp37.7 M28.03.2009 18:19:47
TTW018_ Stress and high performance.mp34.7 M28.03.2009 18:22:34
TTW019_ Techniques for evaluating performance.mp35.4 M28.03.2009 18:30:33
TTW020_ The challenges of coaching.mp35.2 M28.03.2009 18:31:24
TTW021_ Creating alpha in a controlled way.mp36.5 M28.03.2009 18:33:18
TTW022_ What is the variant perception_transformative events that will unlock value_.mp310.9 M28.03.2009 18:35:42
TTW023_ Staying balanced in a sentiment-driven market.mp314.1 M28.03.2009 18:35:58
TTW024_ _Masters of the Universe_ are also team players.mp33.3 M28.03.2009 18:36:21
TTW025_ Successful traders and emotional intelligence.mp34.6 M28.03.2009 18:39:45

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